Millions of people have lost their teeth, despite advances in dental treatment. This is most often due to tooth decay, periodontal disease, or trauma. For many years, dentures and bridges were expensive for people who lost their teeth. Dental Implants in Dubai now are readily available at an affordable cost.

A dental implant is the best option for healthy, natural teeth. If you are considering getting a dental implant in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Sharjah, we have a list that compares them to other treatments.

What is a Dental Implant?

Implants are high-tech substitute tooth that closely resembles the original tooth structure. An implant is a titanium "root" that is inserted into the bone and supports a crown, bridge, denture, or other types of restoration. It can last a lifetime if taken care of correctly and behave, feel and look like a natural tooth.

Because of its superiority over traditional methods, it has been the most innovative way to replace missing teeth. Modern advances in dentistry have made it possible for patients to benefit from them, even if they were told otherwise.

Who are the potential candidates?

Implants can be a solution for missing or damaged teeth, and irreparable teeth. Implant technology may be a good option if your dentures, partial dentures, or bridges are hurting. Implants were not available to patients with low bone density, certain medical conditions, or certain lifestyles. Implants are now possible for the majority of patients thanks to advances in bone reconstruction and diagnosis.


Below are the Benefits of a Dental implant in Dubai.

Dental Implants Look Like Real Teeth

The result will look natural once the replacement tooth is attached. Because the prosthetic tooth rests flush with the gum line, no one will be able to tell the difference between real teeth and restorations.

Functions like a Natural Tooth

Two of the greatest benefits of dental implants are their similarity to natural teeth, and the strength and functionality that they offer that are unmatched by other restorations. Implants can stabilize the false tooth because they are firmly embedded into your jawbone. This is similar to a natural root.

With dental implants, bone loss can be avoided

The loss of a tooth can lead to bone density loss. This happens because there is no root to support bone strengthening and ossification. A dental implant can stimulate the formation of new bone by using a process called osseointegration. This procedure can prevent future bone loss.

The Implants Support Your Facial Structure

If there are missing teeth, bone loss can lead to a sunken appearance and aging around the mouth. This then harms the structure of the face. Dental Implants are a way to preserve the facial structure and maintain the strength of your jawbones.

They can last a long time

With proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime.

Your diet won't be restricted by dental implants

People who have dentures or lost teeth are often unhappy with their dentures. They feel they can't eat certain foods or their bites don't work well enough.

Once they become stable, most patients can eat and drink as normal.

With Assurance, you'll be able to eat, converse, and laugh with ease

Tooth loss and/or dentures can often affect confidence. People who wear dentures worry about their dentures falling during laughter or conversation. Missing teeth can affect the ability to smile. Your jaw bone supports dentures attached with implants to dental implants. This allows you to feel confident in your smile and can keep them in place.

These are easy to maintain:

Dental implants require the same care as natural teeth. This includes twice-daily brushing and flossing, regular dental checkups, and visits to the dentist. Implants aren't made of organic materials so they need to be cleaned. It is a common misconception that implants don't need to be cleaned. It can still get plaque and tartar, gum disease, infections, and other problems without proper care just as natural teeth can.

Why Choose Us?

Dental implants require extra care and extra hygiene. This makes them a delicate procedure. Although highly skilled dentists might charge an additional fee for this procedure, it is highly recommended that you use their services to avoid any infection or unexpected results. To determine if you need implants, please speak to one of our experienced specialists at Monroe Medical Center. Visit our clinic to find out more about the benefits of dental implants in Dubai.